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  • June11th

    Eine sehr nette Seite über Reise und Flugmöglichkeiten ab dem Flughafen Münster. Da der Flughafen auch Neuerdings Billigflüge und Airlines bedient, gibt es hier noch einen Link zur Info.

  • May24th

    Living Lounge Lisboa If you ever come to Lisboa and you’ll need a stylish and cozy place to get warm with the wonderful city of Lisboa, than you should definitely book a room in the Living Lounge – and if a say book, than you can take this literally.

    Since “The Times” put it into Europe’s top 10 boutique hostels the word is on the street. The ratings at Hostelbooker Sites speak for themselves. 99% of positive Feedback seemes to be nearly impossible.

    My personal opinion is: you can’t win people with interior design or prices – you win people with people. And the Staff knows that. The Lisbon Living Lounge Crew knows, how to create spaces to communicate and to come together. Because friendships are the things that can stay – although the travel fever warmed down already.

    So you better sign up for the Dinner. When I was there it cost like 8€ and it included everything from startes, main dish, desert and a tasty vine from the juicy hillsides of the Alentejo region. When the cooks heat up the kitchen, a spicy and exotic smell calls the people to the table, where everyone can help setting up the start for a probably wonderful night in the streets of Lisboa. It is nearly a ritual to hit the small alleys of barrio alto or go for a starter at the Casa do Alentejo.

    After all my Hostel experiences, Lisbon Living Lounge formed my understanding of a true Boutique Hostel most.

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